Straightforward Advice On Establishing Key Issues For Wedding Toast

Straightforward Advice On Establishing Key Issues For Wedding Toast

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The 77 Percent: Mass weddings in Senegal

“It’s like we speak a similar language.” They also found kindred spirits in the family that runs Trasierra , a jewel of a local property with spare, whitewashed buildings and backyard orange groves. Founded by Charlotte Scott, a Spanish-born Londoner who settled on the land three decades ago, the former olive press is now home to her grown children, including Gioconda Scott, a chef with a long tenure under Francis Mallmann. “There isn’t any of the pretension or stiffness of a hotel,” Laila explains. “It feels like you’re at your friend’s house who just happens to have really good taste.” Commandeering the rooms there, and at two neighboring inns, the wedding crew seemed to take over tiny Cazalla de la Sierra, with Egyptian relatives bumping into Spanish illustrators and New York designers. The location for the first night’s dinner was a surprise—the historic bullfighting ring—and Laila and Omar gallantly arrived by horseback, she in a Céline dress with a towering black-lace mantilla, he in Prada pants and custom-made boots with a white dress shirt “buttoned down to there,” he says with a laugh. The evening was peppered with local customs: dancing horses, a marching band, and a feast that included paella, gazpacho, and mojama (cured tuna). Terra-cotta planters found in garden shops served as rustic vessels for crudités, while the freshly sliced Ibérico ham evoked the couple’s irreverent hashtag, #jamonhalal. Friends deejayed, tequila flowed, and night turned into wedding day. After the toreador-style welcome, Saturday’s ceremony at Trasierra was quieter, if no less exuberant. Even the bride’s requested mode of transportation struck a humbler note.

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